Logistic Regression

This web page performs logistic regression, in which a dichotomous outcome is predicted by one or more variables. The program generates the coefficients of a prediction formula (and standard errors of estimate and significance levels), and odds ratios (with confidence intervals).
It extends John Pezzullo's http://statpages.info/logistic.html enabling you to calculate the predictive probability for specific covariate pattern(s), and for one dimensional models, ie. models with ONLY ONE predictor variable, you can generate a plot. You may optionally use summary data in either of 2 ways
  1. a variable with weights or
  2. two variables, one with the numbers of success and one with the number of failures
These options is demonstrated in two of the demo dataset.


Model: Dichotomous outcome variable ~ Predictor variable(s)

Addive terms +varA + varB
Interaction terms :varA : varB
Both *varA + varB + varA * varB
Keep as is I()I(varA^2), I(varA**varA) and I(varA*varA)
all expressions squares varA
Categorial variable(s)
Conf.level %
Plot Only 1-dimensional models will plot